PestoGuard- Organic Certified Botanical Pest Repellent

Pestoguard is an organic certified botanical pesticide to control and prevent attack of red mites & sucking pests in variety of vegetable, horticultural and other crops. This technology based on plant extracts, herbal oils and organic ingredients. 

Pestoguard delivers following benefits to plant

  • Develop better resistance in plants to fight against red mites & sucking pests
  • Very effective after attack of mite & sucking pests also, which can give better recovery to the plant
  • Helps to boost yield, quality and shelf life of the crop


  • For Foliar Spray : 2 ml / litre

Time of Application

  • First Foliar Spray - Preventive
  • Second Foliar Spray – After attack of mite & sucking pests

Packing for Retail Sale: 250ml, 500ml & 1L

Packing for Bulk Sale: 50L, 200L

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