Activo – Spreader (Activator) for foliar & soil Application

Activo is a Spreader (Activator) for foliar & soil Application

  • Activo reduces surface tension of water thereby facilitates spreading of spray mixture on leaves of plant
  • Soil application facilitates water reach towards roots of plants
  • Use of activo improves efficiency of other organic inputs like plant growth promoters, crop protectors and fertilizers
  • It improves soil conditions, aeration, improves absorption of nutrients


  • For Foliar Spray- 0.5- 1ml / litre
  • For Soil Application (Drip/Drenching)- 500-1000ml /acre (1.25-2.5 Litre/ Hectare)

Packing for Retail Sale- 1L, 5L & 20L

Packing for Bulk Sale – 50L, 200L & 1000L

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