Flowrizer- Flowering Tonic Booster

Flow Rizer is certified organic agriculture fertilizer with flowering tonic booster formula which delivers balanced nutrients containing natural growth hormones, organic N-P-K, traces of essential minerals, vitamins for reproduction & overall growth of plant. Flow Rizer formulated natural sources like plant and animal. 

 Flow Rizer delivers following advantages to the plant.

  • It stimulate plant for reproductive capacity of plants
  • Helps plant for flowering in stress & adverse climatic conditions.
  • Increase in numbers of flowers require to get desire fruit yield
  • Also helps to reduces flower and fruit drops
  • Combination of Nutrazyme and Flow Rizer foliar spray boost up fruit setting and development as well
  • Increase in overall crop yield, quality , shelf life etc

Time of Foliar Application                                       

1st Foliar Spray - Before Flowering    

2nd Foliar Spray - After Flowering

Dosage - 1.5ml to 2ml per lit of water for foliar application

Packing for Retail Sale- 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L

Packing for Bulk Sale – 50L, 200L & 1000L

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