Pestonil Plus

Pestonil Plus - Organic Certified Botanical Sucking Pest Repellent

Pestonil Plus is an organic certified botanical pesticide to control and prevent attack of sucking pests in variety of vegetable, horticultural and other crops. This technology based on plant extracts, herbal oils and organic ingredients. 

Pestonil Plus delivers following benefits to plant

  • Develop better resistance in plants to fight against sucking pests
  • Very effective after attack of sucking pests also, which can give better recovery to the plant
  • Helps to boost yield, quality and shelf life of the crop
  • It is environment friendly and no residue in the final crop after harvest also.


  • For Foliar Spray : 1.5- 2 ml / litre

Time of Application

  • First Foliar Spray - Preventive
  • Second Foliar Spray – After attack of sucking pests

Packing for Retail Sale: 250ml, 500ml & 1L

Packing for Bulk Sale: 50L, 200L

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